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Skymaps uses remote sensing technologies and advanced image analysis for precision farming. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of agricultural interventions in the long term and thus achieve sustainable agricultural production.

Smart solutions in agriculture

Variable rate application of pesticides

Variable rate application of pesticides allows to easily respect the real needs on the field, not to burden the environment and to save money. For this purpose, we prepare an application map, according to which the sprayer carries out the application using the optimum amount of pesticides.

Field trial assessment

Evaluating treatment efficacy in field conditions is an essential task in agrochemical product development. Our solution offers a unique way to express the differences between each micro-plot exactly, based on precise measurements using computer vision and advanced statistical methods. Evaluating the trial using remote sensing from drones and satellites is a reliable and fast way to express the treatment efficacy.


With our web-portal Cultiwise every farmer is able to create application maps for variable rate application of pesticides. The software supports data from drone and satellite imagery as well.

Smart IoT meteostations

Cooperation between SkyMaps and BARANIDESIGN is specialized in precise and reliable atmospheric measurement with connection to agrochemical segment. Research & development focuses on achieving long-term stability of temperature, humidity and wind measurement for calculation infection risks and impacts. Sensors are designed for ease of use and interchangeability for on-site service.

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