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SkyMaps s.r.o. uses unmanned aerial systems and other advanced technologies in geodesy, air inspection and many other industrial applications. Our team of innovative minded engineers offers efficient solutions to even the most complex problems. In our work we place special emphasis on customer requirements as well as on quality, safe operation and compliance with applicable legislation.

Our solutions

Aerial surveying and geodesy

Aerial mapping by unmanned aircraft is an effective way to survey large areas. From the obtained data it is easy to measure, compare with other data or to create any CAD, GIS or BIM output.

Documentation and surveying of highways

The combination of aerial photogrammetry and mobile mapping offers an effective way to map linear structures as highways. Fast, efficient, simple.

3D building surveys

Photorealistic 3D model, facade orthoplans, 2D / 3D CAD drawings.

Industrial zones

Documentation of industrial zones using 360 ° panoramas, orthophotomaps or 3D model.

Land consolidation

Survey of large areas for the planning of complex land consolidation projects. Complete 3D digitization of the entire cadastre for further processing.

Documentation of cultural heritage

Cultural heritage documentation, 3D model, facade orthoplans, 2D / 3D drawings, and many other outputs according to the customer's wishes.

Inspection and documentation of roofs

The obtained data can be used for further analysis. Inspections focus on water leakage, heat leakage, crack detection, vegetation penetration and corrosion detection. Easily check inaccessible locations and manage maintenance to prevent downtime.

Volume calculations

Improve planning schedules with accurate, documented material inventory. With confidence in accurate volume, you can make smarter planning and make better decisions. Save time and work - collect data from the entire site in hours.

Documentation and monitoring of construction sites

Monitor the progress of construction and earthworks. Outputs can be translated with plans and compare progress.

Surveying of quarries and stockpiles

Improve your mining operations by planning schedules with accurate, documented inventory. With confidence in accurate volume, you can make smarter planning and make better decisions. Save time and work - collect data from the entire site in hours.

Aerial thermography inspections

Aerial thermography can be used for thermic diagnostics of buildings or industrial installations. By measuring surface temperatures, we are able to detect and visualize temperature anomalies during periodic and predictive inspections of solar panels, wind turbines, power lines, roofs, chimneys, pipelines and many others.

GIS and spatial analysis

Spatial analysis allows you to solve complex location-oriented problems and better understand where and what is occurring or your site. It goes beyond mere mapping to let you study the characteristics of places and the relationships between them. Everything is accessible online through our web-GIS portal.

Information system for cemeteries

Easy cemetery management and clear records of grave sites designated for cities, towns and cemeteries.

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